Our Clients’ Feedback, our Motivation!

Supporting someone at the end of their life can be some of the most challenging work that anyone faces. Our team had the opportunity to provide comfort and support to an amazing man and his family.   #EndOfLiveCare #RobinPersonnel #CareYouCanTrust  

Spend more time with your Grandparents!

Grandparents are the best! No doubt about it. They’re like your second parents because they love you just as much as your parents do. Grandparents treat you like little kids and sometimes take you away from the real adult world and give you warm hugs and chocolate chip cookies just like when you were younger […]

Congratulations to Brenda!

  Congratulations to our amazing Brenda for successfully completing the Care Certificate! Well Done, Brenda! We love having you as part of our team!   Our promise is to employ the best care professionals who provide superior quality of care and support!

We make our clients smile! 😊

Be the reason someone smiles today! We would like to say Thank You to our amazing client Fred who supported us on our Cupcake Day last week. His smile is contagious! And a massive Happy Birthday to Brenda! Brenda has done a fantastic job of making our clients feel special and live happy lives at […]


Dementia can be such a lonely place. But good friends and lots of cakes can change all that! ☺️ #CupcakeDay is held each year to raise money to help the fight against Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Warning signs of Dementia

Next Week is Dementia Action Week 2019 20 – 26 May Remember, Dementia is Not a part of normal ageing!!! Dementia is a word used to describe a group of symptoms including memory loss, confusion, mood changes and difficulty with day-to-day tasks. There are many causes of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease the most common. We […]