Dementia care

Dementia can be such a lonely place. Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging and stressful. But with the right support from Robin Personnel’s dementia care service, it can be rewarding and often satisfying.

A friendly face and a listening ear can make all the difference to someone living with Dementia.

We provide the best Dementia care service

Robin Personnel professional Care team can support your loved ones to maintain their skills and abilities. Our commitment is to provide the best person- centred care for people living with Dementia.

Dementia care service can provide you:

Help with everyday tasks like personal care, medication reminders, housekeeping, meal preparation.
Shopping and gardening.
Taking the dog for a walk.

We are proud to be ‘Dementia Friends’.

Dementia care is that to get to know the person behind the condition.

Our Carers are fully trained in dementia care, and we encourage the use of many specialist methods and techniques to help keep your loved one content and engaged. We spend a great deal of time getting to know the person in our care – what makes them tick, what their interests are, and how they like things to be.

It is an important reminder that everyone with Dementia is different and no one should be defined by their Dementia!

We provide homecare services in Brentwood and Billericay

Robin Personnel provide homecare services which are available in Brentwood and Billericay.
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What We Offer

In-Home Services

Medication Reminders
Timely prompts to take medication, drink water, and other daily wellness needs.
Light Housekeeping
Doing dishes or laundry, taking out the trash, plus seasonal projects and organizing.
Staying Active
Support to keep you moving and healthy, from a simple walk to specific exercises.

Personal Care & Hygiene

Assistance with dressing, bathing, or toileting—always respectful and professional.
Meal Prep & Groceries
From shopping for groceries to planning and preparing healthy meals you’ll love.
Doing activities, building friendships, fellowship, and community—or just talking.
Wherever you’re going, get a ride in a comfortable car—or yours if you prefer.